I'm a London-based content strategist and writer. In over 10 years as a content creator at some of the top Media and Advertising agencies in the world, I've worked on a wide range of topics from travel to food to photography. Serendipitously, the things that draw me away from work are travel, food, and photography. One could say I love what I do. 

I'm passionate about making the Internet a (marginally) better place by creating great content for brands. I think less is more online. Fewer words, cleaner design, less time for users to consume content. Or, as someone who's quote was falsely attributed to Leo Da V once put it, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication". This is a guiding principle in my work.

If I can entertain, educate, or inspire one person, I’ve had a good day. When it's ten thousand people, I’ve done my job.