What's for dinner?

We launched What’s For Dinner? into the crowded and competitive world of recipe websites in June of 2017. In under a year, it’s reached over 10 million people and achieved a top 5 ranking for the everyday question the site's named after.

My Role: Lead strategist, Editor-in-chief

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dinner finder quiz

The site was built around a 3-step quiz to help people find tonight's dinner. Since launch, the quiz has engaged users with an 85% completion rate, 2+ minutes per session, and over 4 pages per visit. 


Our target audience was time-strapped millennial parents. To teach them new ways to save time in the kitchen, we also created a blog with highly-digestible tip content featuring original photography, videos, and GIFs.  

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step-by-step recipes

During user research, we discovered that most new cooks wished they could see photos of recipes in progress to make sure they're following along correctly. We filled this white space by creating step-by-step photos for each of our recipes. 


Videos are the macro trend in content consumption. Along with static recipes, we created a regular stream of recipe videos to engage our audience on Facebook and Instagram. 

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We also created a meal planner that's accessible by creating an account. This feature both allows people to add the week's ingredients (including the client's) to a printable shopping list and opt-in to the email newsletter.